Anybody know who’s lingerie this is? Soo nice!

It’s Huit Broadway Longline Bra
god I forgot how obsessed I was with my friend, Charlie, over these two XD
Charlie liked Demyx and I liked Zexion and we made this like Orgy 13 highschool thing and we had a whole story for them because we both shipped them at the time :P
and yes this is a line art and colouring of something I drew back in highschool :)
Licanth, a Demon-like girl I thought up last night. I say Demon-like because she’s not supposed to be a demon. She’s a lab-created creature made by someone trying to make a human girl :3 I’m not sure if I’ll stick with the name Licanth but so far I like it :)
Finally finished my updated Alice in Wonderland piece that I originally drew in like grade 9. I`m really happy with how it turned out, all things considered. 
trying out ideas for posters for when my sister and I get a booth at the Artists Alley either next year or the year after at the convention we go to :) I think this one needs some more work but we’ll see :)
Human version of Genji from animal crossing :) Even though he talks about working out all the time, I don’t think he’d actually have much muscle :P
And I did Aurora as a human as well :) I have 4 more after this and then I might do some friends and youtubers as animal crossing characters as well :P
currently working on turning my favourite animal crossing neighbours into humans :P So here’s O’hare! I’ll hopefully have the other 5 up by sunday, but the next two days are gonna be busy for me!
I realized the other day that despite my love for teen titans, I had never drawn any of the characters. I was also thinking about flower crowns at the same time and thus this happened.
much happier with how this doodle came out than how the drawing I actually spent more time and effort on came out XD this is Jaws’s full outfit. I’m trying not to use any pokemon parts (aka spikes, claws, tails, etc.) but I think the tooth looks cute as well as if she decided to attach spikes to her boots is kinda cute looking but menacing because like… if she kicks you… ouch. Anyways, she looks kinda bashful in this picture but her nature is actually rash or something so idk what she’s doing in the picture… maybe some one complimented her? (psst she can’t take a compliment in my head cannon. She gets all flustered like this so) but yes… JAWS! WOOP